Will Stacey

About the work

This asset is the result of a 5-week creative project that tasked us with producing either a 3D model, game mechanic or digital art piece. I decided to produce a 3D asset as I believed I could have represented the brief best this way. Within this project, I have displayed a variety of skills and experience demonstrating much of what I have learnt during my first year on the games technology course.


Student Bio

During my first year at Confetti, I have had an amazing time learning all about games technology and putting my mind to many projects which have all aided my development. One of my aspirations in life is to successfully make it into the games industry and land a job I can enjoy and be proud of. I believe Confetti has prepared me well and will be an effective stepping stone in my journey to this end goal and I will continue to improve and develop until I achieve it. As an additional note, I have also enjoyed the opportunities Confetti has presented to me, such as meeting people from the industry during Industry Week.

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