Lewis Griffths

About the work

As a follow up to my first-year submission, I am presenting Camp Destiny 2: Dreams Do Come True. This time around with an updated art style, as well as other mechanics such as a shadow-realm style fighting system as you fight your way to fix a crumbling relationship using your dreams.

This has been about one year in the making and started using the first game as a basis for things such as dialogue and options that are available. Since CD2 uses a different art style, this involved needing to rework every sprite for the new style which was tedious, but worked out in the end.

Student Bio

My journey at Confetti has been a long one with a few bumps along the road. Regardless though, I found the confidence within me to pull through and persist with my studies and project creation.

With projects like Camp Destiny under my belt now, I can say with certainty that I can confidently produce a story in an interactive format.

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