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About the work

A Mother Fox is the name of one of my larger assignment projects for my second year of college. A Mother Fox is a 2D side-scroller style game in which you travel through different types of environments (Forest, Rainforest, Arctic) and shows the destruction of Climate Change to each one. You play as a Mother Fox traversing these environments with her three young pups, protecting them as they follow behind her. she has the ability to adapt to the effects of climate change which highlights the fantastic survivability real foxes possess. Each environment is two levels long, the first taking place before the effects of climate change, and the second being after the effects of climate change.

This project was a pivotal point in building skills that are crucial for working in the game’s industry – the processes that were performed successfully mirrored professional development phases; concept, documentation production, research (mood boarding, proposal), pitching, planning, testing and the phases were each planned using a Gantt Chart and a planning software called “HacknPlan” which aided in maintaining organisation of the project.

It was a long development, around 6 months and was made in the game engine Unity. Play here – https://birbbirb.itch.io/a-mother-fox


Student Bio

Indie developer, Games Technology Student with two pet birds, aspiring Game Designer with skills in Programming, 2D Game Art, Level Design, Audio, Theory and UI Design. Hattie Train is passionate about her goals of making games and becoming successful within the games industry. Hattie loves to learn about the theory and practical side of games, always wanting to learn more.

She’s diligent and has the ability to create 2D pixel art, documentation as well as creating small indie games. She always aims to help others and push the message of working together.

Hattie has had numerous opportunities at Confetti that have successfully boosted her confidence, creativity, communication and teamwork skills. Including recording an interview video for academic open days and being included in the college prospectus.

This year, Hattie has had experience in Industry Week which gave her valuable information towards being able to get a design job role.

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