Hattie Train

About the work

Hattie, throughout her first year, has produced numerous projects in relation to Game Design, 3D Modelling and Game Development. These projects include – My Tiny Room, in which Hattie had to create a 3D room built out of models she made. This project allowed her to build up my existing 3D Modelling skills and learn new skills to aid in the second year of the course which is more 3D based. This project allowed Hattie to have some creative freedom for modelling – which she enjoyed thoroughly – and allowed her to express myself through her interests.

The second project was game app named “Tiels” that had to be completed with planning accurately mirroring that done in real game development. In the Tiels project, she was set the task to create an app game in a specific time, with planning and documents being required to be completed before the game’s development. Tiels took around 2 weeks to make within the development stage – and was made in the popular program Unity.



Student Bio

Young Indie Developer, Games Technology Student with a pet bird, aspiring Game Designer with skills in Programming, Game Art, Level Design, Audio, Theory and 3D Modelling, Sound. Hattie Train is passionate about her goals of making games and becoming successful within the games industry. Hattie loves to learn about the theory and practical side of games – always wanting to learn more.

She is diligent and has the ability to create models, write code, and make small indie games by herself. She is always aiming to help others and push the message of working together. Hattie has had experience in Industry Week that gave her valuable information towards being able to get a job in the industry and effectively has guided her into working more diligently.

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