Billy Banks

About the work

The project I am putting forward is a 3D model of a futuristic, sci-fi mining submarine I built for my creative project submission. To create this model, I had to plan using mindmaps, a mood board, a Gantt chart, concepts and more. After the planning, I moved to create the model using Autodesk Maya.

I used simplistic shapes and used tools such as the mirror tool, scaling, duplicating and combining to fit the shape together. Once I had finished that, I had to UV the model (which took a while because of the amount of polygons) and textured it using Photoshop and textures I found online.

Student Bio

I started at Confetti in September 2020 on the Games Technology course where I hoped to learn how to make games. Although Covid-19 made it difficult to access software, I managed to learn many things about creating games in Unreal Engine and modelling in Autodesk Maya through Microsoft Teams. I was even able to experience Industry Week online, since it wasn’t possible to experience it face-to-face.

I may have missed certain opportunities, but next year I will ensure I take part in as many as possible whilst working to my full potential so I can gain the skills I need.

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