Claire Langton-Goh

About the work

Project title: Somnium  

For my final year project, I was tasked with creating a game artefact in response to a client brief and specific theme.

This project enabled me to practice working to specific requirements and showcase my game design skills including concept generation, planning and technical production.

Using my in-depth understanding of game theory and technical practice I created an independent 3D first-person game experience, which sought to raise awareness of specific mental health conditions through an immersive interactive experience.

The concept depicted a dream world the player is lost in, reflecting within their mind through diary entries their experiences with mental health conditions.  I drew on my own experiences to develop the concept, enlisted a friend for voice acting and created an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ immersive environment for players to explore.  I created and textured realistic 3D models using Maya and Photoshop.  In addition, I designed four small engaging areas from basic level plans to white boxing and final full environment composition.

Within Unreal Engine I created additional engagement and immersion for the player using blueprints to initiate pop up information windows, voiceovers relating to diary entries, challenging AI, small interactive puzzles and unique particle systems.

Student Bio

I’m Claire, a level 3 Games Technology student at Confetti. I have just completed my final year of the course. During this time I developed my skills gained in year one to create an independent 3D game experience, including optimising 3D models using Maya and level design within Unreal Engine 4.

In addition, I worked with another student on a real client brief for the charity Mencap to create a game app advising young people how to stay safe online. I aim to continue my studies by commencing a BA in Games Design and Development with Sheffield Hallam University to gain a recognised degree in the field.

As a mature student, I am looking to change my career pathway and follow my ultimate identified passion for creating games.

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