Sonny Dilks

About the work

What is being shown is the culmination of my 3D modelling talent growing over the past two years, going in chronological order and showing my growth throughout the year, with the last few models being the recent things I have been able to achieve.

The journey begins with a recreation of a weapon, a rather basic looking, but still interestingly designed green blade weapon, this was one of my first attempts at modelling a weapon.

The journey then goes through to another recreation, before delving into original concepts such as a Collection of Low Poly Assets used for a project, and then through to more advanced and detailed weapons, firearms, which were made from references and ideation respectively.

Finally, my last two pieces which are Medium-Poly Fantasy weapons with unique designs, each with something different about it, one of which is the Helix Blade, one of my most complicated pieces of work yet.

Student Bio

I have had a long and rocky journey at Confetti – from being a year one drop-out to re-enrolling and becoming a Distinction level student. I have put a lot of work into making my time at Confetti count and I think that shows with the dedication I put into my work.

This course has had its many ups and downs, especially in the wake of COVID-19, and I feel like I and a lot of my fellow students have truly risen to the challenges that have been presented to us to do our best even in the face of adversity.

Confetti has given me as many opportunities as it has been able to these past two years, and I will do my best to take advantage of those opportunities.

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