Matthew Jackson

About the work

The project which I have just finished was a 2D platformer game with the theme of climate change. The game’s theme had to be based around health, because the client for the project was the World Health Organization (WHO).

I had to design my games sprites in a way that conveys my chosen theme of climate change in a creative/clear manner. Also, my game was aimed towards 15-24-year olds so I had to design my game in a way that fits my target audience.

I had started to generate ideas in my proposal for my artefact game and also, I had researched my chosen theme of climate change. After I had finished my proposal documents, I started on the planning phase of my project in which I produced my sprites and designs for my game. I then started to produce my game in GameMaker in which I produced a prototype and final build of my game.

Finally, I had written up an in-depth evaluation of my artefact games production process onto my portfolio which has all of my artefact games content/work available to view from my portfolio website.

Student Bio

I have been studying at Confetti for 3 years and I joined on the Level 2 Games Technology course. After I had passed the Level 2 course, I moved onto the Level 3 Games Technology course where I have produced two games within my time on the Level 3 course.

If I worked in the games industry, I would want to be a marketer or advertiser because I am creative and I am good at promoting stuff for my own projects.

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