Brandon Meynell

About the work

This piece I have submitted is my final piece from my time at Confetti. It is a piece I am particularly proud of since I spent a lot of time refining it to how I wanted it to be. The project is centred around the do’s and don’ts surrounding road safety. The user navigates around a 3D environment looking for floating arrows that give them a piece of information about the topic that they can view over and over again in case they didn’t understand it the first time round.

Student Bio

Hi! I’m Brandon, my time at Confetti has been amazing from meeting new people to learning new skills it has been a truly memorable experience. Your time at Confetti is what you make it so you need to take advantage of every opportunity and make use of all the time you’re given because you can’t get it back.

One major piece of advice I would give about college life even if you don’t want to take part in given opportunities just make sure you enjoy yourself and have fun making what you love or going out with the friends you meet!

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