Sam Baker

About the work

Piece 1 – “Ukiyo-é Inspired Dynamax Pokémon Battle”. Using water colour, fine line pens and pencils I created a piece that included Tyranitar and Hydriegon similar to Godzilla and Ghidorah.

Piece 2 – “Surrealist piece of Shiny Giritina”. Similar to the first piece, I sketched out the piece and used acrylic paints to make a unique design inspired by Salvador Dahli, it was my interpretation of Kaja G’s work on artstation.

Piece 3 – “Bottle of Dragon’s Breath”. I created this piece with chalk pastels to create a wispy effect, I used a bottle in front of me and then adapted it with a fantasy aspect.

Piece 4 – “Concept Art of Aerosir, Eldrin Sunshield”. I made this piece during game conception 2, I created this by sketching out the character and scanning them into Photoshop. Once in Photoshop I started with the line art with the paint tool and then coloured, altering the opacity and using different layers to create the piece at the best of my ability.

Student Bio

Confetti gave me many opportunities; I learnt many skills about things within the industry and had many opportunities arose for me. Industry week provided people who work within the industry, one that stood out was a woman who knew a lot about freelance work and how to sell myself better. We got to go to galleries in Birmingham for inspiration on projects.

Check out more work from Sam on Instagram @terra_blitz_art

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